2007/Experimental/Stop motions with SLR camera on 35mm films/Color/Sound/4m2s 
Typewriters have a romantic feature compared to the modern computer science or printing technology, that is, what you typed on the paper you cannot erase.  As well as to celluloid films, unlike digital cameras which you can take photo whatever and whenever, then simply delete the pictures you don't like, what you framed and exposed on the single frame of film cannot be erased.  They leave traces of unduplicable things.  For each alphabets I typed, they have their own characters, then composed to a single word.  For each photo I took, they were all independent as a picture, when gathered, they represented different discourses.  So, I wrote to YOU with this typewriter.  None of the traces could be erased.  Not the printed words, not the stills on 35mm films I took, not the meanings, not the feelings I have for you.  They'll never gone.

2008/Stop motions with digital camera/Color/Sound/4m10s 
I dreamed a lot about my drowning in the water. Over and over again. Awaken before I lose my conscious. Dreams are invisible, private, and unconfirmable. Now, I manifest my dream to you, telling you the definitions of those colors in my dreams.

2008/Experimental/Camera of mobile phone/color/4m18s
Between "you" and "I" there's a secret "I" can't tell.  Talk to the water make this secret float/flow so it should end up to no where.  While the "I" is certain, the "you" is dim, not certified.  The secret surrounded around "you."  The feelings or disappearing of "I" is about "you" as well.  There is no real subject in this video, since the "you" and "I" are both absent.

Who you are to allow hosts of TV program to make fun of women bodies as one of the tricks to entertain the audience? who you are to measure women bodies yet your consciences have never been measured. 

Meta Vision
2008/Experimental/Mini DV, DVD converted files/4m15s 
Combined with the footage of 3 different films.  This short is about the way we perceive the world. Within 3 different sources focused on on specific topic.  Remaking films and endowed with new concepts.  In a way, we're all blind to witness.

I Just Kept Running
The dynamic depletion of body or the spirit wondering around?  The differences between movement and still.  The measurable distance opposite to the distance of conscious, which of the status could be real?

Solid Minds
2008/Dairy Film/Mini DV/Color/Sound/20m46s 
Try to study how the human character varies in other's opinions. This film recorded the following days after my shaving hair.  I shaved my hair to claim my status, me the individual will be constant and stable even though I changed my external appearance.  The disappearing of my hair is to manifest the unbreakable existence of who I am.  Yes, there's no hair on my head, but I'm still the same 23 years old female.

2009/Family Film/Hi-8, Mini DV/Color/Sound/4m26s
She was always there on the stage or in front of the blackboard with chalks. She was there caring about other kids. She was there in the tapes of home movies, right there in the corner or edge of the frames. I used to assume that my mom is not mine. I thought that she doesn't love me. She is my mother, a kindergarten teacher for over 25 years. In my not-so-long childhood, I tried so hard to be distant from home, from her. After almost 10 years away from home, in my rental apartment, I watched the Hi-8 tapes. I saw her in the frames smiling, laughing but I have to enlarge the video to see it. As well as the enlarged frames, after all these years of being distant from her I have to approach to her to see the happiness in her life. She looks so happy. 

Home, Sweet Home
2009/Experimental/Stop motions with camera of mobile phone/Color/Sound/3m32s
About existence and absence. Collecting the most clutter part to make identification. Accumulated massive details in stop motions.  An old apartment in a monster city, traces of daily life spread all over the house belonged to people absent from the viewable dimensions. Sloppy and unkempt. WHO are we living in such a place like this? And WHERE are we?

East End of Taipei, Co-Directed with Ming-Yen SU
2009/Documentary/Mini DV/Color/Sound/14m28s 
Living at the edge of Taipei City, tea growers in Nangang inherit the land of tea trees and the hereditary occupation.  They once have the best tea industry techniques during the Qing Dynasty. What's ironic is most of tea growers in Nangang can't live with teas nowadays, the main reason is the lack of support from the government.  They bore heavy mission of inheritance, tea growers tried to keep the ancestral techniques in the modern age of a blooming city.  But how?

Raising Hand Hunting 
2009/Experimental/Digital Camera video clips/Color/Sound/2m11s
Everyone has the power to "frame."  What would we see if we took everything back to the origin?  By using the grainy quality and unstable images, try to charge those so called photographers who framed female body as they were objects.