Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home, Sweet Home in EX!T 2010

Taiwan, a small island, younger generation including me have to struggle from identity issues everyday.  Who are we?  And what would we be?  How can we live in this place yet not knowing what's the name of our land?  So, I made films and pushed them into world.  I'd see my name on webpages with "TW" or "Taiwan."  That's the way I made my own kind of identity.  Meanwhile, other artists in Taiwan made lots of great films but barely have chance to screen in public.  Mainstream doesn't have the room for experimental tastes.

EX!T held 6 forums in 3 days, gathering Asia curators/filmmakers to share their opinions of the state of experimental arts in their countries nowadays.  A rare opportunity to hear the voices from artists who are nearer to us instead of Europe or North America.

Home,Sweet Home had its world premiere in France, also went to Bulgaria, Canada, Greece and Romania.   Screened in drama theater,  outdoor, aged abandon building or even an old church with wooden chairs.  Screened in 5 countries on 2 continents but never been screened in Taiwan.  Thanks to Tony Wu and EX!T, this is the homecoming screening of "Home, Sweet Home."

Meant a lot to me.

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